07 June 2016

Time To Get Your Kicks.....

First, I have to clarify a couple of things;
  1. These blogs are written when we get a couple of 'free' days in a row. The dates on the photos are correct, albeit a couple of weeks to a month behind. I am enjoying writing this blog, but I am enjoying the trip more.
  2. Since I am several states behind, I will try and get a couple in today, and hopefully another blog in before we leave Portland. After Portland is visiting Anthony LaBond in The Dalles and then to Seattle for the Alaskan cruise with a couple of members of the Polish Posse.
  3. I am including a screen shot of the map we used in setting up this trip for those folks that have asked. It includes the complete route, and not what we have already completed. I hope that helps those that asked. Now; on to our fun on Route 66.

Holbrook AZ
Our trip through Arizona took us to three great cities on Route 66. The first stop was Holbrook for the Petrified Forest/Painted Desert N.P. Most people will not realize they have seen Holbrook, but if you saw the movie "Cars", Radiator Springs was modeled after Holbrook. There was never any real documentation regarding this, but once you get there, you start seeing things you saw in the movie. including the Wigwam Motel. Once I saw that, I started noting other things like the drive thru restaurant, tire store and other things. Also, Holbrook has the largest store selling petrified wood in the world, so that was cool, too. (I know. They're rocks. But they are 215 Million Year Old Rocks!). We stayed a pretty nice KOA, but we learned a valuable lesson on making sure cable TV is included with 'Full hookups'. From this campground, we ventured over to the Meteor Crater and then visited the second city on our Route 66 tour; Winslow Arizona.



Largest seller of rocks in the United States

You can definitely get wood here

I seriously wanted to get one of these. I settled for an 8 oz specimen. A LOT cheaper.

One more thing from Holbrook. We went to church there. So what, you say? I glad you asked! How many churches have YOU been to that have a petrified wood Baptismal Font? (I know; they're rocks) I have.

Seriously COOL.

Winslow AZ.

I know. You're saying, "How do I know that name"?? Well, if it wasn't for Glen Fry and the Eagles, Winslow AZ would have ceased to exist. There is a verse in the song, 'Take It Easy' that goes:
"Standin' on the corner in Winslow Arizona
Such a fine site to see
It's a girl, my lord, in a flat bed Ford
Slowin' down to take a look at me"
The song was released in 1977 and has become indelibly etched into our brain ever since. Since the 90's, the city has thrived on the fact that our generation has to 'Stand on the corner in Winslow Arizona' just once, before we die. G'ma and I did it. Winslow AZ built a park commemorating Glen Fry and erected a wall for people to stand in front of and take their picture. There are a couple of gift shops totally dedicated to just this song and the Route 66 experience. I was not tempted to spend any money here, thankfully.


Side note from Winslow: Of all the towns we have visited so far, no one has had a memorial dedicated to the 9-11-01 disaster. Winslow did. It was very moving and touching. I had never been to a 9-11 memorial, nor seen any of the Twin Tower debris before. I was moved.

I will finish with Williams AZ later.


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  1. Look at you---seriously standing on the corner in Winslow Arizona--and with a girl. MY Lord! I passed through Winslow once, before it had taken any advatage of The Eagle's song. It looks to have changed a bit, did the sheriff ask if you needed a ride to the county line? I told him no thanks, just needed to know where a cheap breakfast could be had.Once he knew I had money I became a "no problem, but eye on walking man."

    I really loved all the funky little outposts from the 50's along route 66. I remember passing that or another like it Wig Wam motel.