10 June 2016

Kicks part 2

Williams AZ

We spent several days in Williams Arizona. We used it a base station to visit several locations, all located within a hour or so of here. 
Williams was the last exit opened on the new US 40, so it's considered the 'Last town on the old Route 66'. Williams is also the home of the 'Grand Canyon Railroad' and that has helped to keep this town vibrant and vital. 
After we got set up, we took a ride into town to grab dinner. I was duly impressed. I felt like I stepped back in time. The period correct building were all beautiful. The people were great. We sat down in a great little steak house. And was promptly brought back to 2016. There is NOTHING cheap in Williams. Steaks started a $26 and went up. Burgers were $12. and up. The orange ice cream soda was over $8. (That's one scoop of ice cream and bottle of orange pop)!
Once we got over the initial shock and figured out this leg of the trip wasn't going to be cheap, we enjoyed it. 
Williams, like Tombstone, lives off of it's past and heritage without coming off tacky or corny. Regardless of how much it cost us to stay there, it was cool.

This was the last stop on Route 66 on our trip. We saw several other billboards requesting our presence in other cities, but I feel we hit a very important part of history with these three.

Now I have to backtrack a bit because there were a couple of amazing places we visited in between the Route 66 cities.
The next blog will be titles 'Landmarks'.
C'ya in a bit.

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