31 March 2016

KWT Update (1)

Good Morning All;

Since I do not consider myself a 'writer', I will be posting these updates much like a "Random Thoughts" format. 


Go to Google Earth. I'll wait. Make sure 'photos' are clicked on in settings. Type in 'Butter Jesus'. You should get the "King of Kings" church just north of Cincinnati. Several years ago, Jesus was a statue rising out of the water in front of this church. You may have seen in if you traveled south on I-75 on the east side. Jesus was painted a hideous shade of yellow (??), hence the nickname 'Butter Jesus'. Someone upstairs must have been pissed because 'Butter Jesus' was struck by lightening and burned to the ground (water). 
There is a new Jesus statue at the King of Kings church. Looks like its made of steel. 
Smart move.

National Corvette Museum, Bowling Green KY

One of the bucket list items on this trip. A MUST SEE for any gear head. Nothing but Corvettes. Some on loan from GM, (this museum is NOT affiliated with GM). The highlight, (or low light, depending on point of view) was seeing the cars damaged during the sink hole incident. Heart breaking to guy like me. 

"Rainbows and Unicorns"

This is a cliche' I started using when I retired to remind myself that nothing will stress me out during retirement. So far this trip, it's been mentioned 'a couple of times'. More details in future posts.

The rain has abated for a short time, so we are going to hook up and head to Mississippi.

See Ya

14 March 2016

Monday 14 Mar 2016

Happy PI day. (3.14)

Two weeks from today, I pick up Tom so he can get an early start on Tuesday morning. I called him today to see if he changed his mind yet. Like us, he's already packed and waiting for the 29th. (He did ask what he was limited to. I jokingly said 50 lbs; He said he's ok then). 

We've already got all of our summer clothes packed, and some of the colder weather stuff, too. TV is in and hooked up. Kuerig coffee maker and coffee packed (priorities, I know). 

Today I will be working on the 'cargo' boxes that go in the basement. Make sure we have what we need and leave out what we don't. 

The list of things to do, and the wait is getting shorter. 

Talk to y'all soon.