25 February 2016

World Tour Update

Good Morning;

It's Thursday, 25 FEB, and we have approximately 33 days until we leave on our long awaited trip. Three days ago I was was washing and waxing the truck in preparation and now there's a couple of inches of snow on the truck. All winter long, I kept telling G'ma, "This lack of snow worries me!". Our projected date of departure is March 29. I plan on bringing the trailer home one day late next week to load it up. Let's hope this white stuff is long gone.

Since this is the first post on the KWT, (Kaczorowski World Tour), I will bring you all up to speed. We leave on the 29th and stop in Bowling Green KY for the first night. My plan is NOT to drive over 300 miles a day on this trip, but since we are not sure were the 'freeze line' will be, I want to get as far south as possible on the first day. Bowling Green is about 500 miles. Also, it is the home of the National Corvette Museum. Bonus.

The itinerary is something like this:
    • New Orleans, (One week with Tom Rybicki, one of the founding members of the Polish Posse)
    • Galveston, (Four days or so)
    • Austin TX
    • San Antonio TX
    • Carlsbad and Roswell NM
    • Los Cruces, (Visit Goddaughter Kym and family)
    • Tuscon AZ
    • Phoenix AZ
    • Sedona AZ
    • Winslow AZ
    • Towaoc CO (Four Corners)
    • Williams AZ (Altogether, at least a month in the NM/AZ area)
    • Las Vegas NV (Nine days, with a visit from Topher, Angela and Lea Kaczorowski)
    • Bakersfield CA, (To visit the worlds first recognized official drag strip; Formosa)
    • Salinas CA, (Visit Pebble Beach, Sonoma Raceway, Big Sur, etc.)
    • San Francisco CA, (Including taking in a baseball game with the Detroit Tigers @ Oakland. Second row seats next to the Tiger dug out!)
    • Klamath CA, (Redwoods National Park)
    • Glide OR, (To visit cousin Janet and family)
    • Portland OR
    • White Salmon WA, (To visit Grandson Anthony and friends)
    • Seattle WA, (Couple days of sightseeing before parking rig for ten days)
    • Fairbanks AL, (Fly from SeaTac to spend fours days in Alaska, including Denali National Park, then seven day cruise back to Vancouver, then shuttle bus back to Seattle)
    • Boise ID, (Pick up Rebecca, Mitchell and Reese to spend  13 days including:)
    • Wendover NV
    • Salt Lake City UT
    • Grand Teton National Park
    • Yellowstone National Park
    • Billings MT, (Drop off LaBonds at airport in morning, pick up Sarah, Emerson and Riley in the afternoon)
    • Sturgis
    • Mt. Rushmore
    • Wall Drug
    • Devils Tower
    • Badlands
    • Sioux Falls, (Drop off Doyle's at airport)
    • Fargo ND, (Just because)
    • Maple Grove MN, (Visit Bailor Family)
    • Mall of America  
    • Green Bay
    • Upper Peninsula, MI
    • Hartwick Pines State Park
    • HOME
All of that traveling will consist of 14.5K  miles and 140 days. We will be putting all of our pictures in 'Dropbox' and I can share access to anyone who wishes to see them.

Talk to y'all soon.