30 March 2011


Welcome to my page. Most of you are here thanks to my favorite middle child, Sarah.
First of all, I have to thank her for her help in setting up this page, as she is apt to say, "The only taste I have is in my mouth".
My intention with this page is to get used to putting thoughts to word. G'ma and I are planning to travel a lot when I retire in six years, and I will want to keep a blog on our travels. In the time between then and now, I will log on occasionally to rant about camping, Nascar conspiracies, women drivers, crappy weather, rotten kids, how much I miss my boys and other scintilating ideas.
My family will tell you that I am a big dreamer and schemer. True and true. Guilty as charged. Deal with it. G'ma has had to since 1967 when we first met. But many of my dreams have come true, and most of them due to my marriage to G'ma. In future posts, I'll put into words many of those dreams and how they came to pass.
I think Sarah was right. Writing this post may help me a bit. My mind is seldom truly at rest. In todays society, more and more people fear losing their jobs. More and more people take less time off, vacation time or sick time, than ever before. People are truly afraid that if your place of employment thinks you can afford to take time off, that you are not truly commited to them.
Whatever......I need to get back to work...

29 March 2011

Hijacking Kicks Ass

Guest Blogger: Sarah, from Complications of a Perfect Life What's the best thing about having my dad's login information for his blog? Being able to hijack it and post on it if I wish. Which I did, so I am. I'm also imagining him sitting at his computer, leaning back in his chair, chuckling to himself and muttering "oh...you little wench...heh heh..." Yup. Oh and also: adding little snippets to his blog like the tiny description just under the title. I'm so fucking proud of myself, it's nearly pathetic. Or starting his blogroll, with only mine in it. Yup. Me: laughing hysterically on the inside because this is the most fun I've had in weeks. By myself, that is. Anyways, welcome to Bump's Dumps, written by my Dad, The Bump. Don't bother changing your password, dad, I won't do this again. Unless asked, of course. I think it looks pretty good, though. If you need any help or suggestions, me and the rest of BlogLand is here, just ask! So? Any good suggestions for my old man? Any writing/blogging tips for a newbie? It's been so long, I can't remember what kept me going and inspired in the beginnnng... Just life, I guess. Good luck, Your Favorite Daughter (...the other one. asshole...)