29 June 2016

Has anyone seen "This Guy"??

Missing in Action: Steven C. Kaczorowski, Travel Blog writer extraordinaire. Last posted on 17 June 2016.

Well... I am not missing in action. In fact, there has been so many things going on, I have not had a chance to write for 17 days. A small side trip to Alaska with several friends, as well as NO EFFING INTERNET in Alaska, makes it hard to stay in touch. 

Right now, Rebecca, Mitchell and Reese are visiting us. We picked them up in Boise; now in Wendover Nevada, and heading to Salt Lake City, then Yellowstone.

Hopefully, I can catch up tomorrow where I left off. I will be continuing the Travel Blog in the order we are traveling. I may be writing until Thanksgiving, but I will have the highlights of the whole trip on here.

Talk to y'all soon


  1. A man with wheels and fuel is never missing. *note to self* Invest in Alaska internet.

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